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Personal Injury Newsletters

Interference with a Premarital Relationship

Although there have been causes of action in the past for breach of a promise to marry, which causes of action were based on contract law, there has never been a cause of action in tort for alienation of affections with regard to an engaged person or for sexual intercourse with an engaged person.

Recovery by Guest in Automobile Cases

A "guest" in an automobile is a person who rides in an automobile driven by another person for his own pleasure or business without paying the driver or conferring any benefit on him. If the guest is injured while riding in the driver's automobile, he may be permitted to recover for any injuries that he suffers. His recovery will depend on whether or not a "guest statute" applies in the jurisdiction.

Tort Action for Failure to Provide Facilities to the Public

Under the common law, a person commits a tort when he or she fails to provide a public utility or a public facility to a member of the public. In order to be liable for this tort, the person must have a non-contractual duty to provide the public utility or the public facility to the public. A denial of the public utility or the public facility constitutes a breach of that duty.

Tort Law - Generally

Apart from legislation granting a right to sue for a specific harm, personal injury law generally consists of tort law and the civil procedure for enforcing it. This article discusses the words used to describe those who commit torts and how tort law is a particular collection of accepted legal theories for suing people for money.

Torts in Hockey

Hockey is one of the more dangerous sports in which one can participate. It also involves a risk of injury to spectators at the ice rink as well. This article addresses the potential recovery by spectators and participants for injuries that they might receive during a game.